KPT Social Media bring on board new client EFT-Global.

KPT Social Media bring on board new client EFT-Global. Two marketing companies, KPT Social Media from Asia and EFT-Global from Europe are joining in partnership to provide a comprehensive marketing brand and service for international businesses.


6 July 2011
Ken Thorkildsen

BANGKOK, THAILAND – KPT Social Media, the Bangkok based online marketing and social media consultants today confirm partnership with Spanish based marketing company EFT-Global.  EFT-Global, Effective Forward Thinking, are established as one of the leading marketers in Europe with an extensive database of contacts.

By utilising these contacts, EFT-Global work in tandem with selected companies from various industries as an additional marketing and advertising arm. Recently added companies to EFT-Global’s database of clients are Spanish property experts Ron Pablo Group (RPG). RPG specialise in offering below market value properties (BMV) to clients and a recent addition to this is the 40% reduced property development near Almeria. EFT-Global have an undertaking to promote this to their database of customers.

KPT Social Media will be involved with upgrading the EFT-Global website and establishing various social media channels for EFT-Global to further enhance the RPG brand. KPT Social Media will also be guiding EFT-Global in how best to utilise e-mail marketing campaigns and to monitor responses, feedback and promotions.

For more details contact KPT Social Media on (+66) 860 571156

About KPT Social Media: A Young, dynamic and professional company helping businesses establish and maintain their online marketing. Our company, represented in Bangkok, have clients worldwide in various continents.

Our company provide online marketing services for property developers, real estate, estate agents, restaurants, bars, hotels and various other related industries. We establish and maintain social media and networking for our clients including Twitter, Press Releases, Facebook, LinkedIn, Website Consultation.

We also produce promotional videos for businesses such as YouTube channels etc and have established Property TV channels for Real Estate and Estate Agents.