KPT Social Media and free social media clinic to Phuket Marathon organisers

KPT Social Media today presented their "Social Media for Events" package to the organisers of the Phuket Marathon. The appointment workshop was arranged in conjunction the The Sponsorship Experts – Paul Poole (South East Asia) Co., Ltd and AT Group - The International communications Specialists and gave the Phuket Marathon the opportunity to review their current marketing strategy - both conventional marketing and online marketing/social media.

Bangkok businesses incorporate Social Media into their marketing plans for the coming year. Free Clinics in Bangkok

Unless you've been living on the moon, and even then you've probably heard, or at least been a little bit curious as to the impact of Social Media on businesses today. most business owners, it's fair to say are well versed on what social media is but how many have written social media into their business plan for the coming year, and indeed for the next five years?

Delta and Other Airlines Doing Social Media Right

Delta Airlines might be the leader in using innovative social media techniques to make life easier for their customers. Back in August, they made it possible to book flights via their Facebook fan page…the first of any airline to do so. More recently, however, they’ve made it possible for customers to check into their flights on the Facebook page and print passes as well.