Qualified Referred Leads

Word of mouth advertising delivers regular qualified leads.
Your business. Your clients. Your referrals.

Referral Lead Generation

Grow your business from within

The referral system works as an automated system, once it is set up, you can let it continue to run without much maintenance. We will send out regular updates to you showing how many leads you have received, how many referrals etc

It is an excellent system that will encourage your subscribers to recommend your products and services to their friends and amigos via email, Facebook and all other social media.

You can offer them incentives and giveaways (or not!) for referring their amigos to you. It is entirely upto you.

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Increase your existing customer lists
Ideas to grow subscribers:


Send out a newsletter

Use our system and encourage your users to share your newsletter with their friends and amigos. An excellent way to build your client lists even without the points incentive.


Run Sweepstakes

Use our system to increase competition entries, The more users share the competition, the more point or entries they receive.It’s upto you and your imagination.


Giveaway Freebies

Our system will encourage your users to download or get a free giveaway by sharing with their friends. The more shares, the more freebies they can receive. This can be limitless, the only thing that stops you is your imagination.

Offer Discounts

With our referral system, ask your users to share your product and services and for doing so, you can offer discounts.Excellent for brand loyalty. The choices and incentives are totally down to you.