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Ready to Start?

    So, you are all ready to start your new business.

    We know the feeling of starting your own business. It's all excitement and expenses! This is why we have our New Business Start Up Kit designed especially for you.

    This is how we can work together.

    • Build an online presence or portfolio of your company, products and services.
    • Get your existing subscribers to promote your products, services and company to their friends and amigos. Free advertising!
    • Offer incentives, giveaways, discounts for referring their friends and amigos to you.
    • Integrate into your existing marketing arrangements. No need for any changes.
    • Build and grow a customer database from nothing to profits.
    • Our lead referral software can help you grow you customers 4x faster.

    What is included?

    • Website and 5 pages. All branded to your own comppany. Select a template, tell all about your business and viola!
    • Website Hosting. You'll need a place to house your website and this is what we provide!
    • Email Address. You can look really professional and have your own business email address!
    • Marketing Kick Start. We will get you set up and launch your first marketing campaign to get new customers.
    • Marketing Plan. Guidance and advice on how you should launch your business online.
    Job level: $99 one off
    Salary: $24.99 per month
    Soft skills requirements:
    + 5 page website
    + Webhosting
    + Email Address
    + Marketing Kick Start

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    So you want to grow your client lists?

    Word of mouth advertising costs nothing but is priceless. How to get your customers and clients speaking more about you? This is where we come in.

    Quick Overview

    • Use our marketing system and encourage your client lists to share your news.
    • Run competitions online and invite your customers to share your products and services.
    • Incentivise customers to share your products with collecting point, staged giveaways, discount coupons,
    • Fully automated system. Fits perfectly into your existing online marketing plans.
    • Get customers to share your newsletters easily and quickly and grow your business/

    Whats Included

    • Choice of 6 data capture templates. (2 templates for basic).
    • Split Testing to see which marketing is more effective. (not available for Basic)
    • Run upto two new marketing campaigns each week. (1 campaign weekly for basic).
    • Regular reporting.
    • No Tie-ins, No Contract.
    Job level: $99 one off
    Salary: $129.99 (basic) / $199.99 (pro)
    Soft skills requirements:
    + 4 marketing referral campaigns per month
    + Agreed campaign updates
    + Split Testing - (Pro)
    + Marketing Template Choice of 6 - (Pro)
    + Marketing Template Choice of 2 - (Basic)

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    Does it sound like you? Do you have what it takes to be one of us? If Yes then Act now!

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