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At the first glance

Now you have made the decision for your business, how are you going to take it forward?

need help to look after your business

A Helping Hand

You look after the sales and bringing in the income, we will help you look after getting the business to your door.

growing your business together

Working together

Your passion and our expertise and together we can lift your business off the ground.

new business success

It's all success

KPT Social Media is ready to build a lasting and successful connection with your new business.

new business clients for kpt social media

KPT Social Media want to work with only a limited number of clients This ensures that we give optimum service to those that we choose to work with. The most important thing is that we have synergy between our companies.

Are you a new business? We understand the challenged faced with new businesses - lots to do with perhaps a lack of hands to help. Plenty of outlay but not enough income. Does this sound like you? 

We at KPT Social Media love to work with new businesses - we love to be in at the outset and help that business grow. If you wanna to work with a young, vibrant and enthusiastic online marketing consultancy, then get int touch!

KPT Social Media are a young, vibrant online marketing consultancy. We provide the following services:

  • Strategic Online Business Marketing Planning
  • Online marketing workshops and presentations
  • Corporate Training Services
  • Social Media integration and maximisation
  • Corporate Video Editing
  • Business consultancy services
  • Press Releases and Newswires
  • Blogging 

For new businesses, we offer incentives while you get your business off the ground. Talk to use now for more on how we can work together and increase your business presence.

Our partners

kpt social media business partners

We don't have a choice whether or not we DO social media, the question is HOW WELL we do it.

Erick Qualman

Great Mind Together

kpt social media business thailand

Your business expertise and our marketing talent together.

Winning Partnerships

kpt social media marketing in thailand

Agree on a strategy and let's start moving forward together.

Together is better

kpt social media marketing in Thailand

Working together to keep your business buoyant and moving forward.

Regular Reviews

kpt social media marketing solutions

Regular reviews of your marketing strategies keep you at the front.