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KPT Social Media are here to help new businesses get a foothold in their new business. It is as simple as that! We have been around since 2010 and are experts at helping new businesses get off the ground with their online marketing.

Ken Thorkildsen, the founder of KPT Social Media has over 20 years business experience in the UK, Europe and Asia including business owner in the UK for 10 years and has held senior positions at business consultancy, real estate, investment and finance companies. KPT Social Media was borne out of that experience.

KPT Social Media work in tandem with well known businesses in Bangkok, Thailand providing key personnel presentations and delivering strategies to their clients to assist with growth of the business and also maximising the use of social media and online marketing for businesses in Bangok, Thailand.

Back in our first years start up, KPT Social Media was noted for being on the Honey Tech Blog of the top 100 social media companies worldwide in recognition of the services provided. In 2011 KPT Social Media started to offer strategic free social media and online marketing clinics to some well known events and their organisers. This will see implementation and growth in prospective attendees and registrants to these events.

In addition to this, Ken is a marketing consultant for education, management consulting and real estate companies in Europe and Asia and has also been training and business consultancy AT Group who have a large presence in Asean, Australia and New Zealand. An experienced speaker and presenter, Ken is available for training seminars and business workshops.

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